Plastering is one of the oldest trades in the building profession.

Resulting in a smooth surface that can be painted or wallpapered on. Another method is to use a plaster veneer over drywall to create a textured finish.

There are actually many different types of plastering, and we have over 15 years experience in the field and can help you decide which is the best solution for the result you are looking to achieve, we are expert in skimming, Artex covering, patch repairs, plasterboarding, drylining, waterproof and external rendering, tanking, screeding, coving, cornice and insurance work.

To get the perfect result, the tools and materials used are critical. There are two basic types of plaster, Gypsum Based and Cement Based. Exteriors walls require more durable plaster work. Cement is used for all exterior walls because of its greater resistance to dampness and rain. In some cases it can also be used on some interior walls that might be exposed to dampness. Gypsum based plaster work is used on all interior walls. In situations where walls are exposed to dampness, such as kitchens and bathrooms, gypsum based plaster can deteriorate. In these areas a thicker layer of plaster applied to avoid any problems over time.

Room renovation – Plastering walls

Sometimes over skimming just hides fundamental problems with the existing walls of your property. If the existing backing plaster is loose then to get the best finish and piece of mind, it is best to remove all of the existing plaster, plasterboard the walls, and skim for the perfect finish.

Whilst this process does involve more work initially, the long-term results are well worth it. Not only is the new plaster going to last longer, the finish that is achieved is much improved, smoother and longer lasting. Using plasterboard also provides a further level of insulation that is always desirable.

The video below gives a basic demonstration of what is involved.

Once you’ve finished with plastering walls on the inside of the property, it’s time to repeat the process outside.

External rendering

In the past few years rendering has transformed completely. With the introduction of the excellent Monocouche through colour render, customers have more choice on the product they want to use to make the external view of their house far more desirable.

At JWI plastering we can offer customers all the different choices of rendering from traditional 2-coat waterproof rendering, pebble dashing, through to the more modern Monocouche style.

This video gives a nice demonstration of the process of Monocouche external rendering.

A well-done external render can give your home a face-lift that can make it look like a million dollars and 20 years younger. This makes your house even more pleasurable to come home to every day, and at the same time can make it more attractive to potential buyers. JWI are professionals with many years of experience, we know that preparation is the key to a well-finished, long-lasting external render that will make your house stand out.

Of course you don’t have to take our word for it, Real Homes Magazine has a nice article about your property’s ‘kerb appeal’, you can read it here.

If your home is not in need of an external render nor re-plastering inside, you may however have some rooms where the walls are not completely smooth. If at some stage a wall has been replastered imperfectly or the surface simply needs refreshing, JWI can ‘skim’ the walls for you, read on!


Plastering is an art form, no matter how nice your room looks, bad plastering sticks out like a sore thumb.

The surface of the walls of your home are a bit like our skin. Whatever it is like we accept it, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were perfectly smooth, wrinkle free and a pleasure to touch.

If that does not sound like the walls in your house maybe, it is time to consider skimming them. This is a much less ‘invasive’ process than plastering, instead of removing the old plaster completely, after some simple preparation; a new ultra-smooth layer of plaster is applied. The results is a fantastic looking surface that can be painted or wallpapered as you please.

To give you an idea of what is involved, have a look at this short video:

If you want to do some further reading before you decide whether to skim some of the rooms in your home, this website has a nice article about DIY skimming, the photos give you a great idea of how your walls will end up looking.

With over 15 years experience our plasterers give you the quality finish you are looking for.